Health care for Puppies

Congratulations on the addition of your new family member!

Getting a puppy is an exciting time but there are certain essentials you will need to know to ensure your new puppy remains fit and healthy. We are your best partner in keeping your puppy healthy. We have plenty of knowledge and experience and will be happy to offer you advice and guidance in caring for your new puppy.

We can’t wait to meet your new puppy. We look forward to welcoming your new puppy into our family as well!

Pre-Puppy Planning

When you pick up your puppy, remember to ask what and when he or she was fed. Replicate that schedule until your first puppy visit with us. We will discuss your puppy’s breed, anticipated lifestyle and nutritional needs with you during your first puppy visit.

Pre-puppy planning is important. It is best to purchase supplies (for example, food and water bowls, chew toys, grooming supplies, bedding, collar and leash, identification tag, crate and gates) before you bring your puppy home. Pre-puppy shopping allows you to shop for supplies without the pressure of the puppy immediately needing the items.

You’ll need to puppy-proof the area where he or she will spend most of his or her time the first few months. Once you think you’ve completely puppy-proofed, lie on the floor and look around once more to get a puppy’s-eye view. If you have children, please remind them not to overwhelm the puppy the first day.

Your Puppy’s First Wellness Exam

When you bring your puppy home, please schedule an appointment with one of our veterinarians for your puppy’s first wellness exam. This initial visit’s exam includes a thorough “nose-to-tail” physical and dental evaluation, allowing us to establish an individualized wellness care program for your puppy going forward, including proper vaccinations, parasite protection and proper nutrition.

Your puppy’s first exam will give us the opportunity to establish a relationship with you and your new puppy, and to learn your expectations as a client and a pet owner. It is the best time to address all of your questions and/or concerns about your new puppy and puppy care in general.

When visiting with your new puppy for the first time, please bring the following with you:

  • Your puppy on a leash
  • Any prior health records that you received when you brought your puppy home, such as history of vaccines, deworming, neutering, past medical history, etc.