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We are equipped with state of the art medical equipment and expertise to diagnose and treat your pet for most medical conditions. We cover all areas of internal medicine including:

24 Hour Hospitalization

The intensive care area at KM Regional Veterinary Hospital and Surgical Center allows for close monitoring to ensure your pet receives the highest level of emergency and critical care possible. Along with medical attention, our patients receive all of the tender loving care they deserve every minute they are in our ICU. While in our ICU, your pet may receive the following care:

Blood Transfusions. We are able to give your pet blood if it is needed. The blood is collected from donor pets that live with their owners, and all blood is carefully screened for disease.

Monitored Care of Chronic Conditions. We will monitor your pet closely if he or she is diagnosed with a chronic condition such as diabetes, kidney disease, liver disease or thyroid disease. These diseases can be treated with the most current medical or surgical protocols. When we monitor your pet’s chronic condition, we can make diet recommendations, recommend changes in medications and treatments, recommend a monitoring schedule, and also refer your pet to the appropriate specialty service if his or her condition changes or your pet not responding appropriately to the treatments.

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