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Client satisfaction is a top priority at K-M Regional Veterinary Hospital. Our staff takes great pride in providing every pet with high quality veterinary care and treating each pet like they are our own. We believe that testimonials from other pet owners are a great way to learn more about our veterinary hospital and the high level of veterinary care we provide.


I worked with the owner and staff on a recent repair project at the K-M Vet Hospital. Each person was very pleasant and handled themselves on a highly professional level. It was immediately apparent that they cared deeply for all the pets and pet owners that they helped.
Matthew H, Google user

Dr. Dinsmore and her staff are amazing. I always feel like I'm getting my dogs the best possible care there, and they are incredibly sensitive and compassionate.
Jessica W, Google user

Best experience at a vet. They are phenomenal from answering the phone all the way to sending us home. They go above and beyond and my cats are comfortable here. They cost a bit more then some other vets locally but it's worth it.
Amanda M, Google user

The staff here is amazing! They took such great care of not only our critically injured dog, but us owners as well. I cannot recommend them enough!
Gina S, Google user

Trust Dr. Lauren Dinsmore! She is an experienced, insightful, and empathetic vet. She does not order tests unnecessarily, and yet has done a lot of emergency work prior to opening her practice in Kasson, and so she has great clinical sense and judgment from that experience. My female springer began vomiting uncontrollably after a day in the field. Dr. Dinsmore diagnosed toxic exposure (toxic algae? agricultural runoff?). She gave the dog an injection to stop the vomiting, and some fluids under the skin. Great aftercare instructions too. The next morning -- back to her old self ready to chase birds again! Thank you Dr. Dinsmore!!
Henry S, Google user

I was emotional & panicked when my dog was very sick. I had never been here before, but when I called they were very understanding & reassuring. They took excellent care of my dog. She required surgery and when the bill was more than I had available, they offered me a reasonable solution for payment. They were welcoming, knowledgeable, KIND, competent & very sweet to my dog. I'm so grateful that they were there to help us! Thank you so much!
Anita C, Google user

Love KM. They take fabulous care of my pets and are superb friends to the pet owners.
Lori F, Google user

We are so happy with the staff here. I am glad we went with our gut feeling and came to them for our care of our kittens.
Heidi H, Facebook user

Each and every day, every person on the team brings their "A" game! This family owned business has consistently created the kind of qualities you want in a vet - professional, compassionate and ultimately you entrust a most valued relationship to their unwavering care. We are so lucky to have found them and after 10 years as their customer could not imagine going anywhere else.
Sarah G, Facebook user

By far the BEST Veterinary hospital in the area. The knowledge and skill of both Dr's is amazing! The care, kindness and compassion the entire staff has shown my dogs and I is far beyond expectation! The icing on the cake is the 24 hour emergency on call service. I've had to use it more than anyone would like to bout it is so nice to see "my vet" and not a stranger who is likely newly out of vet school at the ER clinic in Rochester!
Tanya S, Facebook user

I love these guys! they always get my dogs back to tip top shape fast! thanks from me, Lab commanders and dalyllah, Drake, Dixie, Deja, diesel Tank, and Dexter
Christina H, Facebook user

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