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Spring is here!

Here are some tips to keep your furry family members safe and healthy!

Beware of standing water like puddles! As water collects into puddles it brings with it all the chemicals, bacteria and other harmful toxins found in the grass or other areas it has run off from. Allowing your pet to drink from standing water exposes them to all sorts of bacteria and diseases. Best to bring your own water supply or wait until you get them back home.

Spring also means spring-cleaning! Just be careful that your pet does not have access to the cleaning supplies and other harmful household products. A comprehensive list of harmful cleaning and household products can be found on the ASPCA website by clicking ( here.

Spring is also a time of flowers and gardening! The use of fertilizers, insecticides and herbicides increases, which means that your dog is at risk of exposure. Make sure to keep them out of reach of your pet and that you monitor them when in new outdoor surroundings. Also, click ( here for a list of toxic and non-toxic plants.

Pets can have allergies too! If you notice your dog is itching, sniffling and sneezing please give us a call so we can look into it more thoroughly.

Finally, don’t forget about heartworm and flea and tick prevention! The warmer months bring more bugs, which means your pets are at a higher risk of exposure. So make sure your pet is current on heartworm prevention and flea and tick prevention to keep them safe and healthy!

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